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Slink has finally come out with their Bento hands, and they are amazing. They are smooth and lacking weird edges and come with built in idle animations which is just awesome. Although, no matter what I do, the hands are either appearing too big or look too small, but this may just be me. They are a free update for people who had already bought Slink hands, and absolutely amazing.
With this new update also came Astralias new Mainstore release, a beautiful set of detailed nails which will act as a base for future add-ons. This means that Any future 3D mesh add-ons for slink by Astralia requires these base nails. Which, to be quite honest, for they level of detail, they are absolutely stunning from the get-go. As if this isn't enough, if you get them from the store, you get 6 completely Free palettes for the nail polish.
Honestly? I love it.

Today I'm wearing:

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