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TGIF to all my European followers! I’ll be there in 5 hours or so! We have lots of goodies today, so I will dive right in.

..::THOR::.. released this GORGEOUS gacha set at Kustom9 that pairs beautifully with his 6 Republic set, also. I grew up in and near the Mojave desert and usually am not a fan of a southwestern type of decor, but this set really won me over. It looks casual, comfortable and is easy to mix with other things. I have included the gacha key for you below ?

hive has a new tree at Kustom9 and it’s the one on the left below – perfect, as always. It’s super easy to resize and I like how the leaves aren’t so large that they poke through walls easily. I also want to draw attention to the lantern on the table made by a friend of mine and a fellow photographer. He’s begun meshing and has a MP store (linked below) – I hope you check it out, he has some really great furniture and decor items there. And speaking of newer stores, be sure to follow the LM below for crate – they have a great inworld selection of various household decor items and furniture, plus a group gift out right now.

I’ve also included my first feature for the Home & Garden Expo RFL benefiting the American Cancer Society! I was so happy to see these beautiful pottery pieces and they fit just beautifully in this scene. The Expo opens on Saturday the 19th at 8am SLT and is filled with event exclusive items, auctions, raffles, gachas, games, classes….you name it, they have it! It’s giant – 6 or 7 sims, I believe? Be sure to check it out!

Happy Decorating!

thor mojave gacha.png

..::THOR::.. Mojave Dreamin set (Kustom9)
• Be Wild Pillow
• Free Spirit Low Table
• Cushion
• Cushion Duo
• Skull Pillow
• Terrarium
• Wooden Divider
• Pallet Wall Divider
• Skull Dreamcatcher RARE
hive // mass canes plant (Kustom9)
ChiC buildings (Home & Garden Expo / RFL – opens 5/19 – this is a direct link to the booth)
• [Cb] Greek Footed Pot Cracked
• [Cb] Greek Planter Tall
• [Cb] Short Squat Greek Planter
crate Filament Floor Lamp Teal
crate Krusty Kitchen Shelf
{MVC} old lantern
KITE – William’s Outpost – With Sandbags
hive // prickly pear cactus . pot d
.random.Matter. – Market – Bubble Tea (Kustom9)
(Milk Motion) rocks & plants arrangement
(Milk Motion) road to nowhere – Desert Land


Mojave Dreamin KEY

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