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Lots to show you today! I was saving some of my favorites for this one and am so happy with the result.

First up is MudHoney for Deco(c)rate – these drapes are gorgeous! They come with a sheer option, which i LOVE, and it’s texture change via a nice little HUD (the drapes, rods, rod end pieces). I prefer to use sheer or light drapes in the summertime and these fit the bill perfectly. They are available in the May Deco(c)rate box and I’ve linked you in the credits below.

The build featured here is KITE from Builder’s Box and is easily my favorite one of the bunch. I have included raw photos below so you can see the layout. The darker wall in this photo and all of the floor textures just blew me away when I first opened it (plus it has industrial sliding barn-style doors – I mean, c’mon!). Plenty of windows throughout and just enough space for a tidy little home or store space. You can still pick up a Builder’s Box at their HQ linked below ♥

At Collabor88, we have this beautifully elegant bedroom set from Fancy Decor (they always make me want to tidy up my bed!) that has several different color options for the bedding. Grey is always my favorite for a bedroom, though, it makes for such a calming atmosphere, IMO. I’ve accented this set with the cute little guitar shelf & plants from PILOT & Can’t Even – how adorable is that? Unique yet functional shelving at its’ finest. Topping off the Collabor88 portion of the photo credits is [ keke ]’s crystal chandelier (available in several colors, also). I could go on about how elegant and detailed it is, but I’ll just say IT’S SO PRETTY. Please be sure to pick it up, you need it, trust me.

And rounding out the entire scene, last but not least, is the new modular closet set from [Con.]. Raise your hand if you’ve been scouring SL for a newer closet! This is a decorator’s dream. There are 5 cabinet pieces and TONS of options for both hanging and folded clothes. The hanging clothes even come grouped together OR one by one. Seriously, every single option is covered (there’s even a color change HUD for the wood). LM for FaMESHed is below and you’re welcome ?

Happy Decorating!

fd bedroom.png

KITE – The cloud-Light Loft (Builder’s Box – May)
[Con.] Modular Wardrobe (FaMESHed)
• Cabinet 2
• Cabinet 5
• Folded Tees
• Folded Shirts
• Folded Jeans
• Hanging Clusters
• Shopping Bag
[ keke ] crystal chandelier set (Collabor88)
• chandelier .black
PILOT & Can’t Even – Urban Gypsy set (Collabor88)
• Guitar Plant Shelf
• Marble Planter
• Potted Succulent
Fancy Decor: Foskett Collection (Collabor88)
• Bed Grey
• Framed Textile
• Frame
• Potted Cactus
• Scented Candle
• Side Table
• Grass Planter
• Rug
MudHoney Miranda Drapes (Deco(c)rate – May)
Fancy Decor: Floral Armchair Peach
[ zerkalo ] Angelique – Hat Boxes
{vespertine}tiny dwelling – backpack 5
tarte. jewelry box (mint)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 4
The Loft & ARIA – Hexa Baskets – Natural
REIGN.– Arianna Sneakers (Maitreya-Flat) Regular
~BAZAR~Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)
dust bunny . hanging plants . cheese plant
dust bunny . hanging plants . spider planter


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Author: Katia Millet

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