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THE FANTASY GACHA CARNIVAL IS OPENNNNNNNNN! Now, I’m going to admit right up front that I am not great at staging, but once I saw the Medieval Artisanry set from 22769, I knew I was going to bite the bullet and do my best to show off these amazing pieces. The detail and texturing is phenomenal to the point of being realistic, even down to the stone dust on the stonecutter table. If you have a medieval sim, you need this set to add the next level of realism.

from left to right:
Wheelborrow – COMMON
Pile of Wood – COMMON
Barrels – COMMON
Weapon Rack – COMMON
Merchant Chest – COMMON
Stonecutter Stool – COMMON
Stonecutter Block – COMMON
Grindstone – COMMON
Anvil – COMMON
Stonecutter Table – COMMON
Stonecutter Tools – COMMON
Timber Jack – COMMON
Toolbox – COMMON
Scaffolding – RARE

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