Dream Cottage

I shall build a small cottage
In the lap of the Hills
And plant a million flowers all over,
Venus in my garden shall beckon all lovers
Cupid will guard the gates
And with all my chores done
I shall sit and wait
For Cupid to cry out
There she comes.
~ Professor Mazher Rizvi

I created a little video so you can see the realistic movement of the leaves on the trees and the way the gate opens and closes on the fence! I hope you like it.


Sways Beth Garden idyll – Gacha @Gachaland thru April
Garden Cottage in 3 colors red/yellow/beige – RARE
Garden Arch
Wall Light
Stake Lantern
Fence parts
-Fence Doors – RARE
Stepping Stones in 2 shapes with moss and plain
Flower pot – Yellow, Pink, & Blue
Window Box – Yellow, Pink, & Blue
*GachaLand Exclusive: Arbour Bench with Pillows –
with 8 single and 3 couple animations – Look below to see a short video with the single poses
This is only available at The GachaLand and will be
retired after the event as well as the exclusive gift*
Exclusive Gift – Decor Flower

LB_YellowOrchidtree {Animated}Seasons @TLC
LB_FloweringDogwood{Animated}Seasons @The Chapter 4




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Author: Katia Millet

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