Tropical Getaway

I have crafted my home to be a tropical getaway.  I love to just come sit outside under the palm trees and listen to the ocean waves crashing while the birds sing.  It gives me a retreat from the chaoticness of RL.

I finished the house and ran off to buy a bunch of swimsuits.  I mean I need to relax in style.  Plus one of my friends just bought a yacht and I need to look good.  It seems that Rebel Hope got most of my swimsuit budget.  I decided to drag Magnus on to look at what I had done.  Then I ran over to the marketplace and picked up a suit from Illi for him.  It’s an easy suit with a hud because he doesn’t like to fuss with clothing and a color changing hud makes it seem like a new suit without changing.

I found that trying to find a couples pose where you can actually see the outfit is more challenging than I thought.  I give props to those of you who do couples posts all the time and make it look amazing.  I guess with time mine might not look too bad either.

On Him:

On Her:

Pose: GLITTERATI – Springtime

Background CJ Elegance Pergola + Planter

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Author: Katia Millet

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