#594 Bubblez Pregnancy


Introducing The Fusion 2 Bubblez Pregnancy Body

  • Designer Violet Studios
  • Name of Body: Fusion 2 Bubblez Pregnancy 
  • Current Version 2.0
  • Includes Fit Mesh Body with Hands and Feet (Flat,Tip toe or Shoe)
  •  Revolutions Fusion Saline Breasts – Gravity are (Seamless) and have a natural look
  • Pregnant Bellies 0,2,3,5,7,9 months Includes Bellies for Twins at 9 months and A 9 month belly for 3 or more babies!
  • Unlimited 3 Designer Hud (U3)
  • Daily Hud gives you in depth control over your clothing options and how you choose to use them making this as simple as using the stock avatar.
  • Realistic Anatomy
  • Mesh Nipples – The Fusion Ultima body comes with new higher quality independent mesh nipples which you can choose to wear or remove. You also get the Advanced Piercing system with 44 piercing choices (left and right individually configurable) and Color picker Hud
  • Includes a Developer Kit
  • Materials Ready – Fusion features all the latest in Second Life including full SL Materials Support. This means you get advanced Normals, Specular and Alpha features.Free Lifetime Updates – Fusion follows a long line of Violet Studios Products in that when updates are available, all you need to do is wear the updater to get the latest models for FREE.
  • Stand Alone Pussy
  • Revolution Piercing
  • Omega Compatible

Try the Demo Inworld!

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Author: Katia Millet

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