I Can’t Face Your Breaking Heart

DRD Shadow Box Series 01 January 2018 including:

DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Pantry – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Sink – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Counter – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Cupboard – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Stove – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Table – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Chair – Light

The DRD Shadow Box is a monthly subscription box that combines the mystery of getting something new and unknown once a month, with a bonus reward for purchasing a full series. Every Shadow Box contains twelve items created by Death Row Designs. Every series is 6 months, or 6 Shadow Boxes. At the end of a series the bonus reward becomes available to anyone who has received or purchased every box in the series.


Subscribe INWORLD:

  1. Go to the DRD Mainstore and locate the Shadow Box subscriber.
  2. Wear your Death Row Designs Group tag.
  3. If the Subscriber says OPEN in green letters it is available to take your order.
  4. Click it to receive a drop down menu.
  5. Choose the “Subscribe” button.
  6. Click the Subscriber to pay for your subscription
  7. Click the “Get HUD” Button on the subscriber. When you wear the HUD it will confirm you have subscribed to that month’s box!

Subscribe on MARKETPLACE:

  1. Go to The Shadow Box Marketplace
  2. Find the box you wish to subscribe to.
  3. Add it to your cart and checkout.
  4. You will receive a HUD and a notification that you are subscribed!

Other Items I Used:
Apple Fall Copper Mixer
Apple Fall Copper Pan Stack
Apple Fall Autumn Preserves
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
14_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Throw Rug

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