PeacefulI own five different CATWA heads and don’t get me wrong I love CATWA but I think Genesis offers the best detail. If there were more available skin, makeup options etc. for Genesis I wouldn’t wear anything else. There is so much definition that is lacking in other mesh heads. For example, the nose. Other head noses lack the tip of the nose definition that Genesis nailed. When taking a photo wearing a Genesis head it is almost hard to find a bad shadow. I wish that I could wear it more often but unfortunately there just isn’t a ton of options out there like there are for CATWA.

What I am wearing:

Genesis Lab – Sofie Head (Old Gacha Rare)

Genesis Lab – Flor Skin Tiramisu Tone (Gacha Item)

Truth – Caralisa Hair NEW!

The Chapter FourLODE – Juliet Head Accessory (Gacha)

COSMOPOLITANSupernatural – Jolie Necklace



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Author: Katia Millet

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