Makeshift Living Room

Ashley’s makeshift living room set by Infinite is a nice addition to any home.  It has a wide variety of different rugs colors available as well as wall decor colors.  The furniture comes with four woods and four colors for the pillows and blankets.  In the adult version you get unisex, male, female and erotic poses.

Infinite – Ashley’s Makeshift Living Room*
Ashley’s Rug Green Elephants
Ashley’s Rug Yellow Diamond
Ashley’s Rug Blue Diamond
Ashley’s Makeshift Chair 1
Ashley’s Makeshift Chair 2
Ashley’s Makeshift Sofa
Ashley’s Wall Blocks White
Ashley’s Makeshift Table

Aphrodite – Easter Board 2
Jian – Cuddly Corgis 5 Black Tri Companion
Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants Cheese Plant
Dust Bunny – Hanging Plants Double Planter
DDDF – Wrapped Silks Standing Lamp Dandelion
(luc) – Ficus Potted Tree V2
Your Dreams – Mini Apartament Group Gift

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Author: Katia Millet

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