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Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty decent landscaper, though I’ll attribute it to my persistence, attention to detail, and willingness to spend hours working at it to get it just right, only to go back and change it all up with the season or when something awesome catches my eye.  But even as someone willing and able to move every little thing, I still greatly appreciate when a designer puts together an entire scene with a rezbox… a scene that I can tweak and modify to my heart’s content, of course, but one that is done so well that there isn’t anything I NEED to do to make it work.  THIS is one of those sets… shown exactly as it rezzes, right out of the box, with just a few cats thrown in (because what is any scene without at least one pet????)  Truly a great addition to any property!  Happy shopping!

CJ Creations:  Capolona Gardenset.   A beautiful entire scene, including everything you see inside the walls (the walls are part of the set; cats are not).  The chairs rock & have 35 different Single F or M with props for coffee, reading & more, plus 13 different PG Couple cuddles; the table rezzes 4 different prop sets upon touch.  The light in the ground lamps go on/off by touch as well.  This all-in-one set is EXCLUSIVELY available at the February Swank Event, February 7th – 29th.

Cats:  Image Essentials Props and Poses – Full Perm Mesh Cats


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Author: Katia Millet

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