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Valentine’s is one of those holidays that people tend to get really worked up about.  When you’re single, it’s a huge HUGE thing emotionally that you don’t have one. When you’re in a “young” relationship, you tend to go overboard and make the big gestures, getting the huge gift or doing insane things.  I remember I once decided to handknit a sweater for a new boyfriend… and I didn’t even know how to knit lol!  Surprisingly it came out rather well, thanks to a very good friend of mine who was an expert knitter and took me under her wing.  When you’re in a long settled relationship, you barely acknowledge Valentine’s, if at all.  It’s a nice thought, but you realize that it really doesn’t mean anything when compared to making a life together and going through its trials and tribulations together.  I will admit, however, for a certain weakness when it comes to Valentine’s inworld… perhaps because this life is already relegated to such a small corner of my overall existence, special events and days that can actually be shared take on new meaning, because most if not all are generally spent with real world commitments.  So yes I’ve gone overboard with the big gesture… yet here I am, all alone on the day, but I’m really ok with it.  Valentine’s is a lovely thought, but it’s just not that big a deal unless you let it become one.  And if I am feeling a bit blue, well, we all know what the remedy to THAT is!  A new kitten and more SHOPPING!  Happy Valentine’s Day and happy shopping!

  • Dress:  WILD Fashion & Beauty – The Babe Mini Dress.  With poofy shoulders, this clingy crepe-de-chine look mini has stunning accents, including little pearl studs in a row at the shoulders, scattered “diamond pearls” on the chest & back, & an optional fur band at the bottom.  Includes a 15 color HUD.  Sized for Hourglass, Maitreya, & Legacy, this gorgeous little dress is available only as an EXCLUSIVE at the February Swank Event, February 7th – 29th.  See the pic below for close up shot.
  • Backdrop:  CEBO – “Valentine Trifle” with built-in couples pose set (though I’m obviously using it as a single lol).  Simply one of those totally fun backdrop/props that are just so much fun to use! EXCLUSIVELY available at the February Swank Event, February 7th – 29th.
  • Head, Skin, Eyes, Makeup:   LOGO – you’ll have to wait & see tomorrow’s blog for the details!
  • Body:  Slink – Hourglass Mesh Body Original, Full Version including Hands (Dynamic) & Feet
  • Hair:  Besom – Maddy
  • Freckles:  Izzie’s – Heart Mole & Freckles (Omega)
  • Jewelry:  details in tomorrow’s blog
  • Cats:  [Rezz Room] – Bengal Cat Family

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Author: Katia Millet

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