“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.” The Princess Bride by William Goldman

If you’re a landscaper, then you need to get to the Enchantment Event stat! There are so many great pieces for sim builds and I’m showing off just a few of them here. With creators like by Nacht, 3rd Eye Perceptions, Harshlands, Marushin, Junk Food and xantes, you can’t go wrong!

~ xantes ~ Love Ruins @ Enchantment Event
[Harshlands] Insanity Ruins @ Enchantment Event
~ xantes ~ Old Magic Fountain @ Enchantment Event
[MRS]Medieval Table Set @ Enchantment Event
~ xantes ~ Tears Rock @ Enchantment Event
3rd Eye – Secret Tree Entrance @ Enchantment Event
*~ by Nacht ~ Lover’s Path @ Enchantment Event
Junk Food – Princess Bride Sign @ Enchantment Event

Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods
JIAN :: Koi Pond
[DDD] Stoney Paths
Two Roses Bar & Club Supplies – Panorama RealView

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