Romantic Breakfast

I awoke to a romantic breakfast.  Magnus snuck out early this morning and decorated the garden for our lovely meal.  Most of this scene is from the Capolona Garden Set by CJ Creations and is at this round of Swank.  This set includes the garden greenery, wall, paving stones w/grass, tree, chairs and table with rezable decor.  I added the True Love words in wood by Raindale.  They are part of the Enchanted Signs Collection that is currently at Enchantment.  I also included the tulip crate and the candles by Dreamscape Art Gallery

Garden | CJ Creations – Capolona Garden Set*
True Love | Raindale – Enchanted Signs*
Tulips In Crate | Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Greta Crate With Tulips A*
Birdbath | Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Bird Bath With Candles Pink*

Monkey | Hive – Sweet Plushies Heart Monkey

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Author: Katia Millet

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