And there he is: Adam

Happy Blue Monday Readers!

Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.
But NOT on my blog, because today Adam has the lead.
He is the new male in my Second Life.

The Basics:

* Alans head is by GA.EG and it is called Alan.
Works with Omega and comes with a huge hud to adjust each part of the head.
It is easy to use.
The shape I am using is the included shape with the head. I adjusted a bit to my taste.

* Alan’s body is by Slink.

* The Jason appliers by 7 Deadly s[K]ins go great with the head and body.
You will need am Omega Relay HUD for both, body & head.
I am wearing the caramel tone.

* The Like Lust hair is by Stealthic. It is yours for 300 L$.

* The awesome blue eyes are Vermeer eyes by No Shirt Sherlock. They are 99 L$ per eye colour and there is one pair for free (amethyst colour)
They are adjustable in size. 
* So what is Adam wearing today?
He got the warm winter sweaters with shirt, called Ciao Sweater by Furtacor.
This sweater fits Legacy, Signature, Aesthetic, Slink and Belleza and it comes with a colour change HUD with 15 options for the shirt and 15 for the sweater.
For just 150 L$ it is yours but if you join the Furtacor group (enrollment fee 60 L$) you get it for 128 L$.

* The applier jeans are by Indoro and you can find them on Marketplace for 1 L$. They are Omega appliers.

* The Leather sunglasses are from the 1 L$ mesh sale at Gabriel
And the leather Sneakers Camo are also one of the group gifts by Gabriel. The group is free to join. 

* The Leather bag is a group gift by Spotcat. It comes with a colour change HUD with 3 options. The group is 100 L$ to join, 3 group gifts available.

* The Cuck bracelets are by Noir
* Legendaire has this Adam outfit at their 60% off sale for just 99 L$.
The outfit comes with shirt, jacket, pants and shoes (all in one) and it fits Slink Physique, Adin, Gamit, Jake Onupup, Signature and a texture change HUD with 10 options is included.

* The coffee mug with pose is by Poseidon. It’s 50 L$ on Marketplace.
* Legendaire also has these awesome J.Maxwell hoddies which are also just 99 L$.
Official they only fit Aesthetic, but they don’t look bad on Slink either.
They come in 10 texture versions.

* The Mens jeans are by Gas Clothing Company and they are 100 L$ on Marketplace.
You get the jeans with a colour change HUD which holds 7 options for the jeans and the belt and 4 options for the buckle.
These jeans come in 5 SL Standard Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, and they also fit TMP, Slink, Signature Gianni, Adam, Aesthetic and Belleza Jake.

* The red Doc shoes are from the lucky boards at Rebellion. The group is free to join and there are 10 boards to stalk for shoes and accessories.
The shoes come with a resizer by touching them. 
The Thor Hammer necklace is also a gift from these boards. 
The necklace comes with a colour change HUD with 4 options and it is resizable.
 * Right next to Legendaire is the Pop Art Store
They have this 80th Fashion set in the 60% off sale for just 19 L$. 
The set comes with the shirt and capris in 3 versions and you also get 3 colours of the hair!
This set comes in 5 standard mesh sizes.

* The sexy Jovan Petro bracelet set is by Luminesse. They can be worn by males, but also by females.
The set is available in many colours for just 80 l$ per set of two.

* The flip flops are by Dufaux.
They are available in a plain version with colour change HUD as group gift (group is free to join, several group gifts available – amongst them also the drink bottle).
The summer version was a gift at a previous event.
They fit Slink, Signature, TMP, Belleza and Aesthetic.
* For formal wear Kauna is the perfect place to go.
They are giving away ALL their male mesh clothing for free.
There are some vendors on the wall and some give you a huge box with a lot of designs inside.
All Adam is wearing above is from that store, pants, shirt with vest and shoes and all free.


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Author: Katia Millet

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