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Have you heard about the Spicy Event? It’s brand new, dedicated to adult furniture and ONLY adult furniture — no fashion, no accessories, no body parts, nothing else at all.  The event opened its doors on January 10th, and this first round will last through January 27th.

I thought for my very first Spicy blog, I’d focus on this absolutely stunning bedroom set.  No, at first glance, you can’t tell it’s adult furniture, but believe me, it most definitely is, with hundreds of high quality animations.  But one thing that does immediately strike you — especially if you see it on display — is that it’s HUGE… the entire suite consists of 17 individual pieces.  Sometimes I think that can be offputting for those with small spaces, so rather than try to jam everything in, I wanted to show how this set could be beautifully utilized by picking and choosing pieces that I felt made for a perfect bedroom.  You may not choose to use the same pieces as I did; in fact, that’s why I’m showing the room done in two ways, swapping the fireplace out for a wardrobe and dresser.  In fact, the set is offered in two different fatpacks & lots of other ways, because the designers get that everyone has their own taste, their own needs, their own amount of space. The point is that no matter what the size of your room, what pieces you select, or what textures you choose (yes, there’s lots of choices for both fabric and woods!), this is one sweet “naughty” bedroom set!

NaughtyBits – Brandi Bedroom.  EXCLUSIVELY available at the very first Spicy Event, January 10th – 27th.   Pieces shown in the main picture are:

  • Bed – over 560 animations; bedding & wood texture change menu
  • Bedside tables (left & right) – touch on/off Lighting & personalized photo frames;  texture change menu for wood &  lamp
  • Fireplace – log fire & candles all have a touch on/off menu; texture change menu for wood, marble, runner & artwork
  • Bench Seat – over 60 animations; cushion & wood texture change menu
  • Bedroom Wall Hanging – texture change menu for artwork
  • Dance Ottoman – over 65 animations; cushion & wood texture change menu
  • Chandelier – touch on/off lighting
  • Floor Lamp – touch on/off lighting
  • Ancient Greek Pottery Decor (large & small)
  • Area Rug
  • Live, Laugh, Love Wall Decal

A simple swap, shown in the alternate pic below in place of the fireplace:

  • Mirrored Dresser – texture change menu for wood, runner & roses
  • Wardrobe – over 60 animations; wood texture change menu

Not shown:  Sofa; “Naughty Girl” ottoman

Set:  Sainstreet – Gift Room Backdrop (FREE on MarketPlace)

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Author: Katia Millet

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