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One of the many many things I love about Second Life is how easy it is to continually change things up.  The seasons change where I live here — winter to spring/summer, and then I add fall as well — and with each seasonal shift, I find that I’m changing much of the landscaping.  Not just from a green version to a white one, but entire re-envisioning of parts of the landscape.  The same now holds true of my holiday decorating.  For years, I had a Holiday Box (literally), with everything that I used to decorate the house.  I’d of course add a few new things each year, tossing away high prim objects that were available with better technology and replacing them with newer versions.  But this year I’ve noticed a marked difference.  To begin with, it’s my first year in my new home.  And although we had moved quite frequently before, it was generally within the same estate system or two, so the look and feel of the property was always generally the same, because that was what we liked.  Where we live now is completely different from anything I’ve done on the grid before, and therefore a lot of the old ideas just don’t work. I haven’t even lugged the box out of inventory, although a few stand-alone favorites have definitely found their way into new places.  But mostly I’ve been picking up gorgeous items at events and, of course as a blogger, I’m fortunate enough to receive many wonderful items to “play” with.  The result is that I’m creating a whole new space, and wow, is it ever fun!  To try to find the perfect space for everything, and the perfect something for every space!  I’ll be sharing lots of little glimpses here… some may not even last the season, who knows? In the meantime, though, happy shopping!

What I’m wearing:

  • Outfit:  Ashmoot – A/W CoLL Jumpsuit shown with A/W CoLL Mid Tip Toe.  Jumpsuit is available in 6 different earth shades. Sized for Tonic, Slink H/P, Belleza F/I/V, & Maitreya, in single item packs or FULL Outfit pack at promo price.   EXCLUSIVELY at the Designer Circle 24/19, open Dec 1st – 14th.  Shoes in separate pack.  Demos available.  A We Love to Blog designer.
  • Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins – Billy, worn in Caramel browless.  A real beauty of an Omega skin, two options of 5 tones each (dark or light, including both omega & BOM, with & without brows) available at the Designer Circle 24/19, open Dec 1st – 14th.  Shape & demos also available.  
  • Hair:  Firelight – Phoebe Hair/Fatpack (Thick Edition).  Multi-shade full bodied wavy style…  Available in 6 color packs or as a fatpack, each with rigged & unrigged versions, in two different effects.  EXCLUSIVELY at the Designer Circle 24/19, open Dec 1st – 14th.  Demo available.  A We Love to Blog designer.
  • Head: Tonic – Pixie, newest bento head from Tonic
  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty + Booty Control… truly the most natural curves on the grid with the ability to add that extra oomph how & if you want it!
  • Brows:  Avada – Anja Eyebrows
  • Mole/Freckles:  Izzie’s – Heart Mole & Freckles (Omega)
  • Makeup:  Izzie’s – Fall Eyeshadows; DS’Elles – Series 8 Lipstick
  • Jewelry:  Sintiklia – Snowflakes Set; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Pose:  Eternal Dream – It’s A Snowy Day
  • Location:  my home in Blake Passage
The scene:

Evolving Images – Everything you need to create the perfect holiday setting is available at the December Swank Event, Dec 7th – 31st.  I’ve only used a fraction of what they offer, so you can style the scene your way. To see these items & more, here’s a taxi direct to their Swank Event booth:

  • Retro Christmas Tree Rev2 – lights blink with alternating colors; revolves with an on/off touch
  • Evo’s Snowflake Wreath
  • Toy Elephant
  • White Bear
  • Bull Dog (Copyable)

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Author: Katia Millet

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