Remembering Our Four-Legged Friends in Winter’s Chill

http://Remembering Our Four-Legged Friends in Winter's Chill

I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s winter. Thanksgiving is over, the holiday shopping season is in full swing, it’s snowed at both my home in RL and in SL.  In fact, the weather here in RL is so bad I couldn’t even get my dog to go outside… her ears went way back and she started to shake, that’s how badly she wanted to stay inside and out of the snow and sleet. It really made me think about all the animals that don’t have that option… not just the wild animals in the forest like my little friends here, but all the dogs and cats who for whatever reason find themselves literally out in the cold.  I do what I can year-round to help homeless pets; I hope that you at least spare a thought for them in this kind of weather, and if you see a chance to help, please please take it.  I know that a few years ago we found a cat part-frozen in the snow, and brought her inside.  Turned out she had frostbite — which went away — but was also deaf.  Since she wouldn’t use a litter box we eventually had to move her out of the main part of the house but at least for the rest of her life (which sadly wasn’t all that long), she was warm and fed and safe and I like to think content, if not happy. In the spirit of the season, it’s definitely important to remember our fellow man, especially all those less fortunate whether it be economically, healthwise, or however, but let’s also remember the 4-legged creatures who rely on us as well.  Sorry if I got a little sermon-y, but this is very near and dear to my heart, especially as I look out at the bitter weather, and worry…

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  • Head:  Akeruka (AK) – Cleo (deluxe bento, now with BOM)
  • Body:  Slink – Hourglass Mesh Body Original, Full Version including Hands (Dynamic) & Feet
  • Skin:  theSkinnery – Flora (Freckled version)
  • Hair:  Doux – Brandie
  • Eyes:  IKON – Triumph
  • Lashes/Makeup:  SlackGirl –  Thay Deluxe Lashes; HD10 Eyeshadow
  • Freckles:  Izzie’s – Heart Mole & Freckles (Omega)
  • Pose:  Fashiowl Poses – Christmas Friends (includes raccoons)
  • Location:  my home in Blake Passage

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Author: Katia Millet

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