No Friends

I was walking around Swank when my real life daughter who is four woke up from nap and came to sit in my lap.  I was looking at all the display’s seeing what I wanted to blog when I stopped my camera upon the The Autumn Guardian by HarshLands.  She told me that he was sad because he had no friends.  I promised her when I blogged this piece that I would give him a few friends.  So the wise old owl came out of her den to chat for a while and cheer up the guardian.

Tree | HarshLands – The Autumn Guardian Mossy*
Owl | JIAN – Barn Owl
Colored Bushes |  Dysfunctionality – Swaying Spring Bush
Grass | Raindale – Meadow Grass Summer Soft*
Green Bushes | Alirium – DwarfForest OldGold
Yellow Ground Cover | Alirium – Nanohana

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Author: Katia Millet

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