An Enchanted Autumn Hideaway

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As I’ve said before, one of the things I try to create on my property are special little nooks and areas.  Some are very small, just one item tucked away in a grove of trees or behind some rocks.  Others are more extensive, when there are multiple pieces that work together to create an entire scene.  This autumn “set” from Mindgardens Creations is one of the latter (though it could easily be the former as well with fewer pieces), which I’ve used to create a very special area hidden in the back of my property, an area full of quiet and enchantment, perfect to hideaway from life’s cares…

Mindgardens Creations – all this and more available individually at the November Swank Event, Nov 7th – 31st.  Each piece is EXCLUSIVE and absolutely amazing in its own right (I’ve added separate pix below), but when you group them together, you can easily create an enchanted little area:

  • Autumn Gnarled Lantern Oak Tree with Vines & Lanterns (on left in the main pic)
  • Autumn Oak Tree with Blinking Lights & Lantern (on right in the main pic)
  • Autumn Ground Ivy & Scattered Leaves – copy, so you can add as much (or as little) as you’d like
  • Elephant Ear Plant (includes 3 variations) – the variations include tightly grouped, & loosely spread out to look so natural when mixed! Copy, so you can easily customize your setting
  • Enchanted Autumn Gazebo – with a hanging light curtain, lights around the front “trunks” & lanterns
  • Enchanted Autumn Bench & Table – Animated! Includes both single (M & F) & couple sits. Just a lovely little set!

To make your shopping even easier, here’s a LM direct to their booth at Swank!

Gnarled Lantern Oak Tree
Autumn Oak Tree
Elephant Ear Plants
Enchanted Gazebo
Enchanted Bench & Table

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Author: Katia Millet

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