Afraid Of The Dark

“I’m afraid of the dark
Whatever’s lurking
When it’s cold and your flashlight battery’s not working”


Minimal @ The Arcade  (Items listed below);

Westwing Castle RARE 
Westwing Coffin 
Westwing Gold Frame 6 
Westwing Wall Lamp 4 
Westwing Sofa 12 
Westwing Table 8 
Westwing Ghost Frame 5

DRD @ Uber  (Items listed below):

Antique Shoppe – Gramaphone Display
Antique Shoppe – Carpet Circle
Antique Shoppe – Book Display Webby
Antique Shoppe – Frame 
Antique Shoppe – Frames 

Nutmeg (Items listed below)

Old Oriental Rug1_Bonus Item
Romanov’s Weathered Garden Door Dark
Brass Candlestick 4
Rattan Tote Carry, Beige 
Romanov’s Wooden Armchair Red 
Romanov’s Golden Chalices_Gift 
Dinnerware (cutlery on top) 
Romanov’s Serving Tray Gold 
Brass Candlestick 1
Romanov’s Shabby Table Dark 

Random Matter (Items listed below):
Remains – Cereal Box 
Remains – Spoiled Milk 
Remains – Old Newspaper 
Darling, I’m A Mess – Pin Board w/ Knives – AsteroidBox
Paper Magic EXTRA Ground Book  – Disorderly
Antique Tapestry – Fancy Decor
Starlit Spiderweb – Corner Full Web &  Starlit Spiderweb – Full Web –  +Half-Deer+ 
Fallen Leaves 1, 2, & 3 – Sari-Sari

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Author: Katia Millet

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