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So I’m away from home again, back in Florida, this time on a family emergency.  My mom (who is quite elderly) fell and broke her arm.  So I flew down to help take care of her. Since it’s become really obvious that she really just can’t handle things any more living on her own, we’re also starting the process of looking for an assisted living facility. It’s really sad that we’re at that stage, but I guess it’s all part of the circle of life. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that I was still a kid, and I’m sure it won’t seem all that long when the time comes that I’m unable to live on my own either.  That’s just how life is.  All the more reason to live it the way YOU want to, and not the way other people think you should. (Of course it goes without saying as long as you’re not hurting anyone else in the process.) Unlike cats, we only get the one life, although within that life we get to live many lives… child, teenager, lover, spouse, parent, grandparent, senior citizen, and so many others… I’m realizing the importance of making the most of each and every one of them, to own them to the fullest, rather than just surviving… I only get the one life… here’s to life!

  • Outfit:  Ghostyss – Sylviane.  To me, this is one of those genre-defying outfits… a bit hipster, a bit punk, a bit gothic or medieval even, but totally sexy & stylish.   Form-fitting, with just enough flare at the hips.  The belt is to die for!!! 6 options available, plus a fatpack. Sized for Tonic, Slink H/P, Belleza F/I/V, & Maitreya.  At the Designer Circle 20/19, open Oct 6th – 19th.  Demo available.
  • Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins – Kamilla, worn in Caramel browless.  I’m continuing with my winning combination of mixing a BOM skin for the head with an OMEGA skin for my body since I haven’t yet started experimenting with BOM on my body & I’m super-happy with the result this way.  Kamilla is a simple stunner, & not just because she has a smattering of freckles on her nose — though I loved those so much I left my normal face freckles off! Available ON SALE for just 250L in fatpacks of 5 light or dark tones with both Omega & BOM skins for both classic & mesh avis at the Designer Circle 20/19, open Oct 6th – 19th.  Shape & demos also available.
  • Head:  Akeruka (AK) – Cleo (deluxe bento, now with BOM)
  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty + Booty Control… truly the most natural curves on the grid with the ability to add that extra oomph how & if you want it!
  • Hair:  Doux – Mecca
  • Eyes:  IKON – Triumph
  • Brows/Makeup:  Izzie’s – BOM Layers Eyebrows Curved; BOM Layers Fall Eyeshadows
  • Freckles:  DS’Elles – Body Freckles (Omega)
  • Lashes:  SlackGirl –  Thay Deluxe Lashes
  • Jewelry:  EarthStones – Ferris Earrings & Necklace; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Cats:  Image Essentials Props and Poses – Full Perm Mesh Cats
  • Location:  Mythical Serenity Photography Sim

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Author: Katia Millet

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