#862 Saturday afternoons are made of these moments..

It seems like every month that goes by I am left thinking, “Where did the time go??” I look back and sometimes struggle to remember my daily interactions and accomplishments. Instead I am left with this blur of time.. It’s like looking in my life’s rear-view mirror.  

I have found myself discouraged with this perspective of late and have moments when I hear those phrases creep into my head: “Time is moving so fast,” or “I wish I had more time for myself…Why do we do this to ourselves. As we know life is too short or so I realise more than ever.

We need to remember every moment of your day is YOUR time. Be engaged in your life. Be present and purposeful in your actions, your words, and your thoughts at all times throughout your day.  You will find that you actually have more time in your day for yourself.   

Once you do this, your Saturday afternoons can be remembered and not just a blur in time. 

Bringing to you the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers. 
So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:- 

Contrast – Grace Couch Black – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Painting (no shadow) Bonus Item – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Armchair Black PG – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Vase1 – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Plated Pink Branch – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Lamp Dark w/Light On-Off – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Candle Holder2 – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
Nutmeg. Old Oriental Rug1_Bonus Item – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
*LODE* Decor – Lilies [peach] – (New) @ Shiny Shabby 
dust bunny . conch shell planter  – (New) @ Dust Bunny 
LB_QueenPalm{Animated}*Mesh – (New) @ Sense Event 
Nutmeg. Wooden Candlestick v2 
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant 
Ayla. Fresh Berry Collection – Cup w/ Berries (antique) 
..::THOR::.. Tropical Fruits Plate 
ISPACHI [Florian] Puppy RARE 

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