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How do you feel about lighting? Me, I grew up in a lighting household… my dad (and for a while my mom too) was a manufacturer’s rep for lighting fixtures, so I’m always looking at how lighting is done and have several lights in my home that IMHO are pretty special.  I’m not quite as much of a lighting fanatic here on the grid because I spend so much time playing with windlights and adding personal lighting when needed for shots.  And yet  I’ve still added what I think are special little fixtures inside my home when I stumble across them.  But outdoor lighting is a whole other thing because it adds so much to the overall experience of your land.  It has the ability to change the entire mood and to draw your eye to little nooks even from afar.  That’s why you see so many little string lights added to individual furniture pieces, but when you really want to highlight an area or a path, you need something more.  With three lighting options, this little kit from Salacity enables you to do just that, whether you want to light the way or set the mood with the magic of outdoor lighting… 😉

  • Outfit:  smeshBillie.  Sized for Slink H/P, Belleza F/I/V, & Maitreya.  When I first saw this outfit, I thought of a jumpsuit, because even though it’s two pieces, it has that kind of look to me.  Yes, the fit is great, but what really makes this outfit are the textures.  First is the two-tone look in this gorgeous mauve, which adds a certain level of sophistication to what could otherwise look like every other jogging outfit out there.  Additionally, the bra-cut top looks like the cups are made of a soft, supple leather, while the skin-tight capris have wrinkles in all the right places.  Just so well done, it’s a delight to wear.  Available at the Designer Circle 16/19 August 11th – 24th.  
  • Lights:  Salacity – Summer Lights, a set of lights in 3 styles to create your own unique outdoor lighting, perfect for those beautiful summer evenings!  (I’ve used two — the Luminaria & the String Light Sticks; the Lantern Posts are not shown.  See below for Ad.)  Exclusively available at The Liaison Collaborative in August.
  • Head:  Akeruka (AK) – Cleo, one of the new deluxe bento heads from AK
  • Skin:  theSkinnery – Giulia (Freckled version)
  • Body:  Slink – Physique Mesh Body Original, Full Version including Hands (Dynamic) & Feet
  • Hair:  Doux – Mecca (available at Equal10)
  • Eyes:  IKON – Triumph
  • Lashes/Makeup:  SLACKGIRL –  Thay Deluxe Lashes; HDLiners; Grazi HD Lips
  • Freckles:  Izzie’s – Heart Mole & Freckles (Omega)
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – True Hearts Necklace & Earrings; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
  • Shoes:  Pure Poison – Rosalie Flat Sandals
  • Pose:  Simply Dvyne (SD) – Reaching (lights photo); Reve Obscura (!RO!) – Perceiving Bento (butterflies photo)
  • Animals:  KittyCatS!my just-birthed little toy mocha (she’s still unnamed too), who’s so happy to be alive she’s blowing butterflies; TM Creation – Puppies & Cat (part of a larger piece, the Surround Me Tent)
  • Firepit & Chairs:  Zen Creations – Toasty Fire Set
  • Location:  my home in Blake Passage


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Author: Katia Millet

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