Beach Day

Yay for beach days!!  I love the ocean and going to the beach even though we only do it about once a year.  When I need a good beach fix I just rez one Second Life Style.  I don’t think tropical decor ever goes out of season in SL.  Xantes just put out this beach sofa with landform.  It is well decorated, but leaves enough room for you to add your personal touches.  I put down the new BDSM Picnic Blanket by DsR.  This blanket does it all and has six different colors through the HUD.   It contains 190 hand picked animations so you won’t get board any time soon.  AVsitter so no annoying pose balls.  Both of these items are new at this round of Boardwalk.
I also found some beach chairs called Coral Coast Patio Set by Old Barn Door.  The coloring on the chairs and in the couch match perfectly.  It’s that old beach washed wood look.  This set comes with a patio chair, seat, table, rug and lantern.  The rugh is texture changing.  It has multiple singles, couples and adult animations.

Beach Scene   | Xantes – Beach Boat Sofa w/ Landform*
Picnic Blanket | DsR – BDSM Picnic Blanket*
Chairs | Old Barn Door – Coral Coast Patio Set*
Food Platter | Lucas Lameth – Vegan Hummus Party Platter
Castle | Dust Bunny – Sand Castle Dark

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Author: Katia Millet

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