Look What You Made Me DO!

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Unable to control her rage from the betrayal she pulled out the spells book her grandmother gave to her when she was a child. When her grandmother passed, she swore she would never use her gift for revenge, however the pain cut too deep for her to remember or care. Using all her power which destroyed all around her, she cast this spell onto him:

“Let cruelty, pain, and evil ways
Follow this villain through his days
Reverse the torment he creates
To turn on him a crueler fate!”


Dress and Boots: Chic Princess STALKER OUTFIT BOX @  Designer Circle round 164 *Featured item*

Hair and Hat: Doe: Grand High Witch – Web Hat – Gingers *Gacha Item*

Eyes: Born To Die – MESH EYES (FANTASY) [ANGEL1]

Backdrop: D.U.S.T. -gravity core-photobox / radioactive *Featured item*

Spell Book: C L A Vv. Mad Eye’s Spell Book Brown *Gacha Item*

Crystal Balls: :Frio’s: Plasma Globe

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Author: Katia Millet

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