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My last post was a week ago, because that was when my world turned upside down.  It’s been one of the roughest weeks of my life… my RL husband failed a stress test, was sent to the ER, and from there it was 3 hospitals in two days, followed by open-heart surgery for a quintuple bypass. I’ve been a bit of a wreck, as I’m sure you can understand, and between the stress, commuting to/from the hospital (it’s about 45 minutes to an hour away), and spending 10 hours/day there, Second Life and blogging just haven’t figured into what I could handle. But things are starting to calm down, and frankly I need a bit of a distraction. I don’t have time to do a full regimen of blogging, but over the last week I managed to create the perfect spot to escape from my RL madness in my SL backyard, do a shoot, select and edit a picture, and now write the blog. I’ll find time tomorrow to post it. Hopefully when he comes home in a few days, things will start getting a bit back to normal!  😉

Between Stone-Garden Area:   Tm Creation– Beautiful circular stone area with flowers, bushes, & wildgrass, plus the cutest puppy & cat decor.  It’s 100% Original Mesh, Physic and Material enabled, & fully copy/mod, so you can also unlink all the pieces & arrange or use however you want.  I’ve extended the stone area by copying the base stone piece — it’s so easy to customize to your own unique needs! (See below for the way it comes “out of the box.”) EXCLUSIVE for the Versus Event through May 25th at a 10% Discount; starting June 1st, it will be available at the main store.

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