What happened to all those group gifts? PART 1

Good Morning Readers!
The group gifts, always a hot item. In the past on every 1st day of the month I visited my groups stores to pick up their monthly group gift. These days they are much harder to find.
But! Today on my blog and on several following blogs I will show you some stores that have awesome group gifts and a free join or a low enrolment fee according to the many gifts you can find there!
Today the first 2 stores.

The Basics:
* Clodet avatar 360 L$ at the SKIN FAIR if you are a group member (join is 50 L$) also Marcus (male avatar) for 343 L$ by Altamura 

* Maaike Omega skin applier in pineapple tone, available at the Skin Fair 2019 by 7 Deadly s[K]ins till March 24th.

2 locations for the SKIN FAIR: 

Trust me lipsticks (Omega appliers) by Booty’s Beauty
You get a HUD with 10 tones.

* Ravishing red nails by Cazimi.

* Isadora Hair base by Avada. Works for classic avatars, Catwa, Lelutka and comes as Omega applier. 200 L$ (more hair base appliers available).
Comes in 5 tones. 
* Esmeralda dress is a gift from the Lucky boards at Hot Fuss. They are group boards but the group is free to join.
There are 12 Lucky boards, the left ones are group only, 6 boards on the bottom are group only. The rest is free to click.
There are also 15 group gifts available.
This dress comes in 5 mesh sizes and a colour change HUD with 5 options is included.

* Throwback glasses are one of the group gifts at Hot FussAnd you can also find them on one of the lucky boards.

* Marre hair is from the lucky chairs at Mina. No group needed for these chairs.
* Esmee dress by Hot Fuss is one of their free lucky boards gifts.
This dress fits Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and a colour change HUD with 20 colours is included. 

* Classic Pearls set is by Lazuri and you can find it for 1 L$ on Marketplace.
This set is colour change by touch so you can adjust it to all your outfits.

* Fiona hair is from the lucky chairs  at Mina. No group needed for these chairs.

* Poses are by Posesion Poses
* Cherrylicious dress i Hot Fuss is one of their group lucky boards gifts.
The group is free to join.
This dress comes in 5 mesh sizes and the top has 2 texture options.

* Heart shaped bag is a gift from the free Gift board at T&C Creations. No group needed for this board. The gifts change so you might find something else there.

* Gracianne heels by Heels
* TeeDress is one of the many group gifts you can find at Coco Design’s.
The group is free to join, not all gifts are mesh.
This dress comes in 3 mesh sizes.

* The Fur scarf is another group gift you can find at Coco Design’s.
It comes in black, grey and light brown.

* Marre hair is from the lucky chairs  at Mina. No group needed for these chairs.
Some styling tips for this dress. 
* Hulya scarf by Bens Beauty is one of their group gifts. This group is free to join and you find a package with 4 gifts under the group joiner. 
The scarf is colour change.

* The Vivien clutches by Sheba are colour change and they are 1 L$ on Marketplace.
* Christmas scarf with colour change HUD is by Mel’s Flow and it is yours for 1 L$ from Marketplace. 

* Satchel Bag is by The Bubblegum Tree and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace.
* Avenu Spring collection makes this dress light up. It is by Lazuri.


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Author: Katia Millet

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