“Don’t say a thing, satellite”

Violetility is giving all you sci-fi lovers life with the Intelligent Life gacha at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival this round! The set includes a bath (adult and PF), a dark bed (adult and PG) a light bed (adult and PG), a fridge (not shown), a kitchen (not shown) and the rare skybox. The neon is white so it can be tinted any color you desire. The materials on the items is phenomenal, and there are plenty of static and bento poses to keep you pleasantly entertained too. ^_^

The Gacha Exchange will trade NC/M/T versions of one item for C/M/NT versions of the SAME item. To exchange No Copy/Trans gacha items for Copy/No Trans versions, simply visit the Violetility Gacha Exchange and rez your UNBOXED item. Your item will disappear and you will be sent a C/NT version. Remember to open/unpack/unbox your items first. Boxed items will not exchange. This is done so that people who unpack their items can still exchange them.

Violetility – Intelligent Life Skybox [RARE] @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – Intelligent Life Bath @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
E.V.E Flower of the Moon
Violetility – Intelligent Life Bed Light @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Violetility – High Tech Lowlife Cyber Sign
Violetility – High Tech Lowlife Cybercity Bench
AsteroidBox. Neon Sign // Picture House *GROUP GIFT*

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