The days are slowly starting to get longer and we’re seeing more and more of the sun here in New Zealand – thank goodness for that – it’s the warmer climates and brighter days that tend to send us spiralling towards friends and family, whether it be for sport, a quick bite to eat or just hanging out.  As my sis, raven, said in her blog post we met many many years ago at chat site (and erotic story website) called literotica and quickly grew into the best of friends…into sisters. Oh my goodness we laughed and made so much mischief in those days. Although we don’t see as much of each other these days, due to busy lives both in and out of SL, we always touch base at least once a day, just to see how things are going.

With the opening of 4mesh,  and both of us having an array of items to blog, we thought we’d get together for a start of summer (haha, I can wish in September) picture. I’ve always admired raven’s ability to “get shit done”, she decided to be a blogger….she became one, then on to blog manager, assistant manager at MBA and the list goes on – tis also the reason her pic went up 24 hours ago!  And look how rambly that got! I really just wanted to say I love my OLDER sis and super happy we got the chance  to take a pic together again <3

Top: :: PM :: Charlotte Blouse @ On9

Skirt: United Colors Jeans skirt @ 4mesh

Shoes: -KC- BELIZE WEDGES @ 4mesh

Necklaces: CHAIN – Space Choker & Necklace

Rings: Codex MARISTEL

Tattoo: Nanika Stella @ On9

Hair: Sintiklia Safire @ The Liason Collaborative

Skin: Avenge Claire skin in Peach

Head: Catwa Kimberly

Body: Maitreya Lara

Eyes: Ikon Odyssey Eyes – Ice



Apple Fall  Floating Pontoon (Pier Kit)
~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)
+Half Deer+ Crane the Lightbringer – Gold
hive// blue canoe


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Author: Katia Millet

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