The Sitting Room

When growing up my grandma’s sitting room comes to mind.  It was adjacent the living room with the tv and we only were allowed in there when company came.  Of course no sitting room is complete without a flowered couch.  Raindale just released a new gacha set called Laverton that is available at Lootbox.  It has nice whimsy touches and was perfect for my sitting room.  The sky box offers lot of room and a great color palette to compliment any home decor you may add.

Raindale – Laverton Set *
Pictured – sky box, branches wall art, chair, mirror, armoire
Table | Fancy Decor – Fulton Coffee Table
Rug | Fancy Decor – Fulton Rug
Candle Lamp | Home Whimsy – Helleborus Ringed Hurricane Candle
Tea Cup | LISP – Grandma Cup of Tea Decor
Planner | Peaches – Mon Desir Planner
Cat | DarkendStare – Cocoa Kitties – Chibi Spill
Book Stack | Anc Ltd. – Garden Oldbook
Hat Box | Apple Fall – Designer Hat Box
Roses In Vase | BJK – Vintage Garden Roses
Couch | BJK – Vintage Garden Double Couch
Telephone | Madras – Vintage Telephone Decor
Fern | Soy – Voluminous Potted Ferns [A] With Gold Stand

Laverton Ad by Raindale

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Author: Katia Millet

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