The Moment of Reflection Before Entering the Unknown

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When the door of any type of opportunity opens it is such a beautiful sight. The warm glow of endless possibility is alluring and exciting for most. But, what if you have entered some alluring doors filled with hope just to find the reality of disappointment at the dark end of the hall?

For one who dislikes change, like I do, and still takes a chance just to met this fate time and time again ….. it leaves you with a overwhelming need to hesitate before entering. I have recently been offered a few different opportunities in RL and SL  that have made me really have to think before making a choice.

I thought about shutting the doors completely, but I have never been good at the “what if” game so….that won’t work. Then, I thought about running into it guns a blazing and just taking out everyone before they come for me. At 1st is sounded great…however right before I entered the door something came over me and I had to have a seat. Besides from it being a bit crazy, that is no way to enter anything and won’t end well.

So what does that leave me with? I have to let go of pass disappointments and enter with a positive mindset. Perhaps a little more cautious then before but positive none the less. So for now I will tuck the guns away and try something new.  If the hall ends in darkness this time…I will be ready!


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Author: Katia Millet

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