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I’ve been so inspired by what some other bloggers are doing in terms of setting up entire room scenes that I decided to give it a try. Of course, since I’m primarily a fashion blogger, I still had to put myself in the middle of it all lol! I was lucky enough to have found the sim Northern Lights, which is open to all — including rezzing! — even the houses (at least for now, since the sim is ALMOST complete but not quite).  I was able to find a house that completely fit my purposes — the room was the right size, the right angle, and I was able to easily derender the existing fireplace in order to replace it with my own so that nothing in the set was there beforehand other than the walls and windows, which clearly showed a beautiful snowy landscape outside.  Creating this scene was fun to do, it was extremely challenging, and I’ll admit that it’s definitely no accident that I’m having a martini!!!  But all for a good cause, because ALL the room decor that I used is from the SL Christmas Expo 2018, which runs through Dec 9th — all of it with items donated by designers with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life! — and is therefore part of the fight against cancer!

There’s so much going on here, let’s first talk about ME and what I’m wearing (here’s a close-up because I’m a little lost in that room!!!):


  • Outfit: GeMyles Couture – Ayanna Denim Checks, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress (haven’t taken it off for days lol)! Hugs snugly in ALL the right places, so many little details like the slight openings up the arms where it’s buttoned. Includes the triple leather choker in both black & white (I couldn’t decide, so I wore both & staggered them lol) in regular & RLV versions, & these incredibly sexy little boots with steel straps & heels. The HUD offers 10 blue/grey denim variations. Sized for Tonic, Belleza F/I/V, Slink H/P, eBody, & Maitreya. At the Designer Circle until Dec 8th.  Demo available.
  • Skin:7 Deadly s[K]ins – Silence, worn in Caramel, one of the AMAZING skin gifts on the Advent calendar at the store.  I think it’s my new favorite! Shown worn with…
  • Makeup:  7 Deadly s[K]ins – Lipgloss 03, another one of the gifts on the Advent calendar! NOTE: If you haven’t been to the Advent Calendar yet, here’s how it works. Each day you’ll see the current day’s gift box on the tree with hover text saying “Come get your present!” Simply right click & pay 1L (you’ll get it right back). Previous gifts are shown with hover text “You’re a little late, but you can still get your gift for 99L.” New gifts open around midnight SLT each day, & are randomly put into the boxes; inside each box are male & female gifts. Remember: the advent poster is RANDOM!  
  • Tattoo:  Lush – Snow Princess Tattoo, with snowflakes at the neck, down the arms & on the hands; available at the Versus Event December
  • Body: Tonic – Curvy Beauty, I have to say that the little extra oomph from the Booty Control REALLY shows up in a dress like this… oooh la la…
  • Head: LAQ – Athena (Bento)
  • Hair: NO.MATCH – NO.IDEA
  • Eyes: Azdesign – Reel Green V2 mesh eyes

And now for the room:

  • Tree & Fireplace Full Set:  Beyond Majestic – A Little Christmas Magic, includes the mantle decorations, the picture, & lots of little gnomes! 100% DONATION EXPO EXCLUSIVE. Taxi to store at Expo.
  • Chairs: Good Furniture – Ornament Chairs – comes in 5 colors, each with 37 animations & 4 versions included for only 50L (2 shapes, round & teardrop, hooks up & down). 100% DONATION EXPO EXCLUSIVE.  Taxi to store at Expo.
  • Screen: Artemis Corner Gallery – Christmas Divider w/ HUD. Each texture option on the HUD is more beautiful than the next, & you can alter the glow, making it almost impossible to choose what look to use, but so totally worth the struggle! 100% DONATION EXPO EXCLUSIVE. Taxi to store at Expo.
  • Sofa, Table, Poppies:  Cleo Design Luna Sofa has male, female, couple, kiss & cuddle animations, includes texture change options, the table, poppies & more that’s not shown. 100% DONATION EXPO EXCLUSIVE.  Taxi to store at Expo.
  • Drink Tray:  Absinthe & Others Historical Beverages – Candy Cane Martinis, a new holiday product that serves in 3 sizes & is a must-have for any holiday party! 100% DONATION EXPO EXCLUSIVE.  Taxi to store at Expo.


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Author: Katia Millet

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