Princess of Magic

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A bit of magic keeps this princess happy. A fairy tale of a different sort, the princess is the witch. 

Shopping List

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Tooty Fruity – Princess Decor Set includes princess frames and pillows in black, purple and pink so you can mix and match them up to fit your decor. They are an exclusive at  Fable 3 – August 4th – 26th .
llorisen – ellis console table.brown set of 4 neutral colors, also available in a bright colors set.
Paper.Sparrow – Once Upon A Time Frame is a 10L item at Fable 3
The Dark Fae’s– Gazing Ball Set  comes in several great color sets. Each set gives you a short and a tall of that color and there are 6 colors in total to choose from! They are 75L a set at Fable 3
Also by The Dark Fae are the Horrifying Jarlights Set  which is their 10L Item at the event. Includes 6 different jars with on/off touch menu.

.EscalateD. MagicGemGacha. Materials are enabled, they rotate and hover, you can either
wear them, so they will hover just above your shoulder, or you can rezz them to
decorate a little bit of magic. so in total you can collect 27 regular gems and 9 Rare gems
Rare Gem: the main crystal rotate in one direction and the 4 little ones
rotate into the other one. the whole gem hovers slowly up and down. Another great exclusive at Fable 3. 

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Author: Katia Millet

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