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I’m one of those people who love Etymology, the origin of words.  I find it fascinating how words and phrases make it into our daily lexicon.  For instance, did you ever wonder where the term “Happy Hour” came from? It sprang from the mind of some marketing guru, and spread like wildfire throughout our society.  It’s one of those terms that really grates when you think about it… who wants to be happy for just an hour? and is happiness really based on discounted food and drink? Or, as I believe, are there different levels of happiness, and happiness itself is a transient state?  Well, enough philosophizing… all I know is that this flirty little dress in this beautiful silk pattern feels like a summer breeze and always makes me happy, even more so when my partner commented on date night how exceptionally pretty it was on me.  Not to mention, it’s Happy Hour somewhere on the grid and in RL… so let’s start getting happy!

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Author: Katia Millet

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