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Convergence: The Lost Planet is introducing a new race called Dolliau, one of the Animates, a group of inanimate objects brought to life by magic or technology. Kitten was brought to life by both when lightning hit the building where her owner lived. The bolt short-circuited all the electronics on the upper floors of the high-rise complex, which was unwittingly built over a powerful ley line. The ball-jointed doll rested against her owner’s computer tower and as it was destroyed by the power surge, Kitten was created. She remained in hiding for a long time, learning about her new existence and how to function on Earth as a living thing, but that Earth is gone. The Dark has consumed it and Kitten was lucky enough to escape to Juniper through a portal. New world, new beginning, and this Dolliau doesn’t intend to hide anymore.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Rekt Royalty – Amber Shape
(Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Skin applier – Izumi Moon RARE
UniCult – Un-Human Eye Makeup V2 RARE @ Lootbox
UniCult – Un-Human Eyes Blush COMMON @ Lootbox
-[TWC]- Tornasol Face and Body Blush @ SaNaRae
{Vixen} – MOXIE collars
Sweet Thing. Ball-Jointed Doll Applier RARE
Violent Seduction – Neo Senshi Bra and Panties @ The Crystal Heart Festival
[Neurolab Inc.] TAIL FELINE

::WetCat:: ‘Pop’ popsicle set BENTO @ Pose Fair
anxiety %J-F01S Backdrop

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