#784 Anchor on my soul…

I was left to my own devices, Thought I found a friend, Smoking mirrors made me in likeness, It’s all on me for you, It’s all I ever wanted to do, And I wouldn’t change a thing,
Loving you is like holding smoke. I can’t stop wanting you, And all these things that you do, Like an anchor on my soul…
Showcasing the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers. 
Come take a walk to our destinations for today: –  

Destinations: Uber 

UC_Laced_top_beige_Maitreya – (New) @ Uber 
.Shi : Sa-Rah – (New) @ Uber  by (Joy Laperriere) 
Cae :: Majorca :: Bracelet – (New) @ Uber  
Cae :: Majorca :: Necklace – (New) @ Uber 
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
{anc} forget. Swallows
Swallow Tattoo by Carol G  
{anc} feather chips {heaven} 
Ana Poses – Babylon 4 (adjusted arm slightly) 

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