How wild it was, to let it be

I am still on break, technically, but am working on a few things for Summerfest…so here is your second peek! I’ve also included some Collabor88 releases that I’ve been dying to use. There is a closeup raw photo of the table decor below the credits, so be sure to take a look!

tarte floating dockSL.png

Dahlia – Cora’s Summer Champagne Set (Summerfest)
• Blackberries – Silver
• Champagne Bottle – Brut
• Champagne Bottle – Rose’
• Champagne Ice Bucket – Rose’
• Cocktail Mixer – Rose
• Glass Brut – Rez
tarte. floating dock & beach lights kit (Summerfest)
[ keke ] nirvana set (SLB15)
• chair wood . floral
• chair wood . mint
• candles . blue
• pouf 2 . white
• table . wood
DaD “Bella Vista Cottage” (Collabor88)
Soy. German Hooded Beach Chair (Collabor88)
hive // summer tote (Collabor88)
hive // flip flops . tropical
Skye Wild Grass Type 1 lush
Z.O.E. Hanging Ladder Planter


dahlia closeup.png

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Author: Katia Millet

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