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This new set from ..::THOR::.. brought out all kinds of memories and emotions for me – isn’t it funny how even mesh can do that? I swear I can almost smell the campfire here…

The Brotherhood set is available now at TMD and includes a variety of beer bottles, plus the beach sign, bench and firepit. We really enjoyed cycling through all the animations – there’s something for everyone!

I also have some goodies from Collabor88 – it’s my favorite round of the year so far! Be sure to check it out. On the left, I have tarte.’s rock pathway and lights. I love love love that she included a lights version that is lower, also (the tall ones are shown here). Plus, there are individual rock clusters AND assembled paths in different textures, so lots to choose from. I’ll be using them frequently, that’s for sure. And on the right side, you’ll see floorplan.’s tub/pool – available in several colors and they all include a texture change menu for the water. LOVE this pool so much.

Rounding out the Collabor88 items are The Secret Store’s outfit and Fri.’s sandals on me. I’m a no-fuss dresser in SL and this outfit has just the right touch of femininity and class, while still fitting my casual aesthetic. Perfect for summer!

Happy Decorating (and s’mores making)!

thor brotherhoodSL.png

..::THOR::.. Brotherhood Set (The Men’s Department)
• Bottle of Beer
• Bench
• Firepit
• Empty Beer lying with cap
• Bottle of Beer and Cap
• To the Beach sign
floorplan. stock tank pool / galvanized (Collabor88)
tarte. pathway lights kit (Collabor88)
tarte. stone path kit (Collabor88)
Never Totally Dead: Madam VavaRoom’s Van
Skye Twisted Tree ( no base )

On me:
TRUTH VIP Fiji (May)
The Secret Store Aliz Crop Top (Collabor88)
The Secret Store Cia Highwaist Shorts (Collabor88)
fri. – Sajni Sandals (Muddy) (Collabor88)

On him:
Stealthic – Hysteria
^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
-NU- Silenced Polo
-NU- Lagoon Shorts
Native – Silhouettes Sneakers

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Author: Katia Millet

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