26 ⚓ Relay For Life

I did not take the picture above. We however were wearing our ZPX Jackets and Paddles along with Blueberry Jeans, Aadams Jeans, and many other things such as different hairs but that’s not the main point of this SPECIAL blog post.

I was super excited when I had seen my sorority had joined up with ASO to become a sponsor for Relay for Life and the picture above is our picture! For me here is the reason I Relay among many others but he is the main one and this post is dedicated to my Uncle Hershel.

  1. Uncle Hershel – Dec. 13, 2012 – Stage 4 Lung Cancer
  2. Cousin Carolyn – Fighting Now – Lung Caner
  3. Granny Clara – Survivor – Kidney Cancer
  4. Diane Holt – Survivor – Breast Cancer
  5. Montana Brown – Survivor – Childhood Lukemia
  6. The Unsung Heroes of Tomorrow!

My uncle was an amazing man. He helped many people during his life time. He was part of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for 30 years. He loved to hunt, fish, and was a great carpenter. Most of all my uncle loved spending time with his family and his dog, Shiloh. He was 1 of 5 children and was an amazing husband to my Aunt Wanda, who is still living. He was a great Christian man. He was also a veteran of the US Air Force and had an associates degree in Criminal Justice.. I miss him so much because he was such a great man. He had Lung Cancer 3 different time and each a different one and worse before. He over came Stage 3 twice and finally had Stage 4 Cancer from October 2012 to December 2013. He was given 3 months to a year to live on October 31, 2012 and he didn’t even get those three months. It was a 1.5 months when he passed on December 13, 2012 with Shiloh at his side and his family surrounded his bed. It was the hardest moment for me but I knew he was in a better place.

This is my poem I wrote about his death after he passed that has helped me to keep his memory living:

A Good-Bye Forever
February 13, 2013

Hearing words being said
Sitting in class unheard
Wanting to run far away

Into the world that is unknown
Given me all the doubts for now on
Wishing I had you here in my arms

Saying the last goodbye
Was not easy for me
I wish time didn’t find us

I want you here
In my arms
Guiding me

Down paths I travel
I can’t look back because it hurts
Wanting to know all well

I didn’t have time
To say Good-Bye
I just said it was okay to leave

All I wish I could do now
Is to say I love you
And see you soon in heaven

One day I will
And I will feel better
Back in your arms.

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